I’m Fighting For You, Now Shut The Fuck Up: The Problem I Have With White Liberals

Being an educated, unapologetic black man from Chicago, I experience racism. However, it isn’t comparable to racism in other places like rural southern neighborhoods where you see cousin lovers flying confederate flags and drinking PBR, blatantly spurting racisms because they have their uncle-dads to back them up. No. The racism I experience is from white “allies”. White liberals who are “for equality”. White liberals who can attend a Black Lives Matter march and center themselves for the social appearance of being on the right side of history. This is the racism that is more dangerous to me. These are the wolves I look out for.

Let me break this down for you… Let’s start with what racism is. If you Google the definition of racism, which white liberals love to do when they are accused of racism or want to call a black person racist, you will read that racism is “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.” Now, from a lack of blanket perception of reality, many, dare I say most white liberals take this definition as bible.

Definitions, however, are based on etymology, which is the study of the historical development of words. So, literally, how letters work and how roots are formed. The obvious problem with this is that racism is a social construct. Racism is a man made system of ideals created by white people for white people. Since it is a social construct, we must speak about it not from an etymological standpoint, but a sociological standpoint. It is the only accurate and valid way to discuss racism because it is the literal study of human development and problems.

Now, with all of this being said, Let’s move along here… There was recently a post on Facebook by a white liberal making a joke about how people who smoke weed should be put down. It goes as quoted “If you smoke pot, you deserve to be put down or shot. You Don’t deserve rights. You are smoking the jazz cabbage, the devils lettuce, and you think it’s okay because your friends do it? If they jumped off a skyscraper, would you do it? Rhetorical. of course you would, because pot damages brain cells. It kills neurons in your brain cells and boosts your dopamine levels, basically making you a crack addict. How does it feel knowing you’re a meth head? You’re a real piece of shit and a burden on this society. You should be executed.” Let’s keep in mind that this corny ass, semen colored joke teller claims to be pro black.

Now, many black people flooded the comments to call him out on his insensitivity towards the actuality of how weed is used to criminalize black people and how his seemingly joke is a reality for black people. He was called a bigot, racist and a faux ally… all by me. And after a multitude of generic white names, Chet (his name isn’t actually Chet. It’s Jeremy. But it’s fucking Chet) became frat boy pissed. “How dare you niggers who I advocate for call me out on my own racism.” (Not an actual quote, but might as well have been). He became so mad that black people “had the audacity” to call him racist after “all of the pro black stuff” he posts.

One of the biggest problems I’ve found with white liberals is that many of them believe their allyship is an omission from perpetuating racism. I lowkey blame this on the cookout culture… how so many black people are quick to invite white people into our spaces because they either perform or support blackness. This leaves room for white people to believe that since their actions might have made a few blacks happy, they’re here for us. I also blame social media. Many white liberals only say they are pro black or pro equality as to look good for their followers and remain safe in public perception and assessment of white people.

Another prominent issue is the dismissal of black people if we hurt your feelings. Chet was so angry that black people were calling him out on his shit that his hidden racism came to the forefront… he went so far as to call me LaMarcus because I called him Chet and his reasoning was that if we as black people act racist towards him, he could reciprocate it. The problem with this is that racism can’t be perpetuated by black people against white people . See my assessment of racism. However, even with my assessment, which I actually put on his post that he couldn’t rebuttal against, but instead dismissed, he needed to avoid looking bad. Being called a racist in the eyes of liberals is worse than perpetuating it.

For me, I don’t trust liberal white people just as much as I don’t trust conservative white people because they carry the same capacity to oppress me. If you really want to be allies to black people, shut your fucking mouth and listen. If you have been blessed with a black person in your life willing to call you on your shit and offer you their intellectual labor for free, be grateful. Just cause your feelings are hurt because they call you on our your racist ways does not mean you get to dismiss black voices and still claim to be pro black. Faux allies are the  cancer of liberation and if you threaten my liberation, you will get burned just like that white, overtly racist conservative that you claim to be the opposite of.


Why I Don’t Need To Be Nice About My Liberation: A Guide For Those Who Think I Give A Fuck

From punching Nazis to pepper spraying Becky… Trump supporters have felt the heat of their decision since Trump took office. I’ve also seen many  activists (in their own right) denounce certain violent actions that may hurt their movement. There have been heated discussions about whether or not punching people, pepper spraying them and physically hurting them is effective or not. As a gay, black man… I honestly couldn’t give less of a fuck.

I know. I know… I’m heartless, racist, mean-spirited, bigoted, so forth and so on. However, I think people assume that violence is only perpetuated through physicality. People assume that the only way to be violent is to physically hurt another human at face value or destroy property. This is wrong. Your simple google search is wrong. Shocker. I know.

Violence can be perpetuated through physicality, speech and ideologies. Ideologies and speech that are driven by hate and was the root talking point of the Trump campaign. Trump has threatened to bring law and order to my city of Chicago through stop and frisk methods… methods deemed unconstitutional and ineffective through trial and mass error in New York. A legislation already proved to have been rooted in racism through the targeting of black and brown bodies. A practice that gave unwarranted misdemeanors and felonies to wrongly accused black men, displacing them from their family, making it more difficult to provide for their family through employment and made black women, yet again, pick up the pieces and carry the weight of the world on her shoulders. That’s violence.

Trump has called the majority of illegal Mexicans rapists and drug dealers. This is violent speech. What this does is leave room for people, mainly white people, to consider the idea that a latinx person they may be passing on the street has a higher probability of committing something against them than their counterpart Chet or Brad. It makes people treat them as guilty by nature. That’s violence.

Trump now has a ban on Muslims. Many people try to refrain from calling it a Muslim ban, but yall homie Rudy Giuliani has already confirmed otherwise on Fox News. “When he first announced it, he said Muslim ban. He called me up – he said put a commission together. Show me the right way to do it legally.” He affirmed that the original intent was religion, however, that would be unconstitutional, so they had to find other bullshit reasons to make it OK. Where is the separation of church and state when you openly prioritize Christian refugees vs Muslim ones. This is violent.

All of this information is accessible to the public. For many, it’s common knowledge. Trump voters heard this rhetoric, seen this pain of marginalized people and still decided that this is what the country needs. They saw the violence committed at his rallies. They heard Trump vow to pay the legal fees for his supporters that attacked peaceful protesters. They heard him spew bullshit about how if this was the good old days, peaceful protesters like the ones attacked at his rallies would be carried out on a stretcher. They heard these things. They saw footage of his hate manifest. And yet, they still decided that above all of that, he was still fit to serve in the highest position of authority in this country. Your vote for this man perpetuated violence against black and brown bodies.

This notion of going high when they go low looks good on paper, but does nothing for actual liberation. Reciprocation to oppression is not hate. It is not bigotry. It is not intolerance. It is liberation in its truest form. So no… I don’t give a fuck when I see videos of Becky getting pepper sprayed. I don’t give a fuck when I see Trump supporters and Nazis getting punched in the face. They voted to have black and brown bodies openly targeted through direct policy for the next four years. A pepper spray and punch is a very calm response, in my opinion. There has never been a time in America where the majority social culture wasn’t rooted in anti blackness. There has never been a time where violence against black and brown bodies was seen as the downfall of our society.

I am also sick of the notion that violence doesn’t change things. My argument with that is history. When in history did a marginalized group ask for liberation and received it? I can’t think of any. But I can think of many instances where violence directly resulted in change. The Boston Tea Party, American Civil War, Stono Rebellion, Nat Turner’s Rebellion, Battle of Athens, etc.

So, in closing, punching Nazis is lit. You cannot make me feel bad for my exuberant joy at seeing those who commit violence against us feel the reciprocation of their actions. Your vote for Trump was one of the largest acts of violence you could’ve committed. Your “difference of political standing” was your support of oppressing black and brown people, disabled people, LGBT people, etc. You punched me when your selected him to be your president. I punched you to fight back, and no, we’re still not even.